Twisted Tubing

Our manufacturing facility located in Lewisburg, Tennessee specializes in the production of surface enhanced tubing. Amtech has mastered the design and capability of twisting tube for performance that requires a small space for heat transfer. Our Twist-RiteTM tube technology offers greater surface area and increased turbulation which results in higher efficiencies and better heat transfer versus smooth or finned tubing. Our technology is ideal for heat exchangers used in hot water, space heating, medical, and power generation applications.

Available alloys include stainless steel, titanium, copper, aluminum and carbon steel in diameters up to 3 inches.

Our Twist-RiteTM tube technology is widely used for titanium applications such as swimming pool heat pumps and geothermal heat exchangers.

Twisted Titanium Tubing Advantages

  • Grade 1 and Grade 2 titanium B338 specification
  • UL 1995 approved for R410A requirements
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance compared to other alloys
  • Light weight

Grooved Tubing

Amtech offers grooved tubing made to precise standards. Unique pitches and depths are available per customer specifications. Grooved tubing provides increased heat transfer versus smooth tubing and is an ideal specification for high efficiency boilers, condensers, and water heaters.

American Metal Technology of Tennessee has the most robust design in plastic and titanium swimming pool heat exchangers available today. We listened to our customers and built the LongevityTM swimming pool heat exchanger that is the current standard for swimming pool heat pump manufacturers. Our heat exchangers have a proven track record globally among major swimming pool heat pump manufacturers and set the standard for quality and reliability. Designed with high-grade titanium Twist-RiteTM tubes and our unique, high performance plastic jacket and connectors, LongevityTM pool and spa heat exchangers are specifically engineered to handle the harsh conditions found in pool and spa heat pump applications. LongevityTM heat exchangers are built for R410A refrigerant applications and meet UL 1995 specification. Leak detection is performed to tight standards utilizing the most advanced leak detection systems.

Custom Designs

American Metal Technology of Tennessee works closely with engineers in design and production of custom heat exchangers. Applications requiring increased heat transfer in a small space can benefit from our unique Twist-RiteTM technology. Custom jackets and connections in a variety of materials are available to meet high temperatures and harsh chemical environments. Shapes can be configured for unique space and heat transfer requirements. Applications include water heating, medical, geothermal and power generation.